About 4K

For several decades, 4K has been active as a distributor in Belgium for various top brands in the field of industrial signalling and passive network components. We focus on industries, governments, professional installers, wholesalers and companies.

Each company values safety as a top priority. That is why 4K has been putting your staff’s safety at first for over 40 years now. Our visual and acoustic signalisation products alert workers of malfunction, imminent danger or calamities. Thanks to our close cooperation with suppliers and years of experience in the field, we are able to give you the best advice regarding industrial signalisation. No matter which industrial group your company belongs to, our specialists are eager to assist you and find the right solution for your project.

Next to that, we have been a trusted partner and advisor to the electrotechnical sector from day one. We help clients choose the right structured cables for data networks and work floor connectivity. Over the years, 4K has built its knowledge and continues to innovate to provide the latest technologies and solutions.  Fire retardant cables, network components and innovative data- and power outlets are our main focus in the area.


Our core values determine what we stand for and how we want to work together as a team, with our customers and our suppliers.

Expertise and curiosity

Nobody knows everything, but with over 40 years of experience in electrical engineering and installation material, we do know a lot. Our team consists of a number of old hands in the business, with a wide range of knowledge and experience, who are always at your disposal. 

Until now, we have been able to realise many signalling and cabling projects for large and small customers in various sectors. Industrial automation also holds no secrets for us.

In addition, we are always curious about new applicable knowledge and insights, so that we can give you the best advice. We do this by regularly attending training courses, visiting trade fairs and attending network events. 

Thanks to our close contact with suppliers, we also know how to tackle difficult issues and can always call on their expertise. Where others stop, we still have proven solutions. If not, we put our engineering to work. 

Quality and care

Quality and care are our top priorities. We carry out our work meticulously, with an eye for detail. This translates into neatly completed orders, follow-up of back orders and an extra quality check before a shipment leaves our warehouse. In short, be the voice of the customer when it comes to what the customer wants to see delivered.

Choosing the right suppliers is not a matter of luck, it is in our hands. We only work with the most reliable suppliers who can guarantee products of the best quality. 

In addition, we cross-check all orders and details to avoid errors that could lead to a complaint. All orders from the webshop also first pass through our inside sales department. They check your order thoroughly and confirm it for production. 

As we continuously keep our stock up-to-date, our warehouse staff can react quickly. This way, we can provide the customer with quick picking the very same day, if the product is in stock. Our warehouse workers package your products carefully, so you will receive your parcel without damage.

Smooth and friendly approach

Your satisfaction is central to our work. We listen actively to our customers, always with an open and constructive attitude. 

Moreover, our team is at your disposal for all your questions and issues. Thus, we are real problem solvers and do not give up until the problem is solved. For difficult questions, we can always turn to our internal partners. This way, we can always provide you with an answer. 

Thanks to our multilingualism, we can easily speak different languages. We are easily accessible by telephone and email or you send us a message via social media.

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