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Visual-acoustic signalling device for cold rooms

PIPS combination modules have an extended temperature range. These signalling devices are designed to be operational from -40°C. The low temperature use in combination with the high protection degree (IP65) make these devices the perfect signalling solution for use in cold stores.

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Effective alerting with 4K wide area signalling devices

4K wide area signalling devices help industries and authorities to evacuate the area quickly, efficiently and safely during a crisis situation. Depending on the area of application, we have a suitable public warning system that can be used immediately.

Find out which wide area signalling device applies to you here.

How to find a product on the webshop

Are you looking for a specific product from our product range? Our website guides you easily to the product you want. Search, filter and compare to make the right purchase decision. How do you do that?

Watch the instruction video in this article.

How healthy is your indoor climat?

Visual COinstantly tells you what the climate is like in your room. The signal tower measures COlevel, temperature and humidity in real time. All factors that ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

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