Eco? Logical!

Eco? Logical!

Ecological transition: paper tape and filling material

Why use plastic tape when paper tape offers the same advantages? And combine that with a cardboard box and paper cushioning? Indeed, that is what we thought too. That is why we are making this ecological switch for good.


Paper tape is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic tapes made of PVC or PP. Your package will be sealed, strapped and protected the same way. Moreover, the high adhesive strength ensures that the package cannot be opened without damaging it.

Shockproof and safe

Filling paper holds items in firmly place in the carton to prevent from shifting around during transit. Shocks are thus absorbed. In addition, paper is extremely suitable for shipping electrotechnical products. As paper is antistatic, your electronic product will remain undamaged.


Our packaging material is made from renewable raw materials. It is therefore easy to recycle. Moreover, the tape has a natural rubber adhesive, which is good for the environment. Do you receive a package from us? You can sort the cardboard box, the filling paper and the paper tape all together. That saves you a lot of valuable time!

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